Konglish Clothing

One Wednesday afternoon, my students started filing in to start class.  I sat at my desk, waiting for everyone to arrive before officially beginning class.  One of my students was in the back of the room playing with a friend.  It looked like she was wearing a shirt covered with rows of beer bottles.

“Hey, Wendy, come here,” I said.  She walked over and I realized it was, in fact pictures of sharpened pencils.  There was English in the top corner of the shirt.  It said, ‘I MNOT FUCKING CRAZY.  A PENCIL STUB.’

I nodded, trying to look casual so she wouldn’t realize that there was a swear on her shirt.  I’d been in Korea teaching English for just about a year, so at this point, Konglish shouldn’t have surprised me.  But some shirts are so outrageous that one can’t help but feel shocked.


English is a fashion statement when it comes to clothes.  And often it doesn’t make sense.  Following this is a list of some memorable Konglish.

* Probiems are…. Do my utmost & I never tie myself

*69  Breakfast of Champions

*He jumping higher and higher

*All star pop guy rights America glamour Arab glamour Asia glamour Drug addiction Fashion post fash TV female Europ Femme Liberation

*College State Oneversity


*The “Eh” Team (with a picture of the Canadian maple leaf)

*Clothes a man who lovedthe story so if this man was in some tests and saw

*I love boys more than Milton Glaser (Upon research, we learned that Milton Glaser invented the I love NY shirts)

*Earth Music and Concieve.  Shoot Time.

*Bang Bang/ Vintage/ Issue/ Happy Virus/ Fashion/ Love Clover

*SEE FOR MAN/ Face of a Contented Man/ Don’t Say It’s Over, I’m waiting for my man…/ here’s a doodle in my sketchbook from when my pen exploded the other day, it got all over me, but this is what is happening so far

* If you aint cowboy, you aint shit

*Hard Core Raper

*Only REAL SOUND peaceful music sound

*I can’t be fired.  Slaves have to be sold.

* If tonight you sleep with me, smile

*A helmet is a form of protectiveghear worn on the head to/  The soldiers boots surrounded in the street / boots go together well with hip hop gear

*Block clothing punk me addict

*How many vintage watch’s are?

*It girl/ Even though the year’s fashions are/ popular such the certics/ the public has simple refuscel to buy them/ as what they are to the same thinking to a new up town heerful/ fashion model, it was the best thing She’s ever done. Sweet cover girl/ Women dress alike all over the world.

* I have white friends

*Cut here/ Take my tits

*Dry Bones/ Want me to ride on you?

*Mommy!  Give me your Jew bagel!  (with a photo of a little kid sporting a Hitler mustache)

*She frantically threw together a delightful little casserole and astonished the guests.

*Let’s do something shady (accompanied with pictures of sunglasses)

*I have a great pressure

*Nothing Happens Until Something Moves/ Actions Produce Genius, Magic, and Power/ Love is a journey not a destination.  I’m so happy with your love.

*sed to have baaafe that kebtfa ing constantly

*Obama for yo mama (there are also plenty of Obama socks sold throughout South Korea)

*Happy Smileling

*HOPE -It hopes that wait.  Because think request to call on next by that wait something.

*I love you but I’ve chosen Disco.

*Peace my in the trunk

(written in 2010)



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  1. A quiet stream of time completes my gracious and elegant metamorphosis.

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