Haikus of a Chicken Owner

My mom told me I

Liked chickens more than santa

At the age of three


Chicks in the basement

Little peeps below warm light

Tiny fuzzy balls


Watching them outside

Scratching through the leaves for worms

And looking at me


Warm, brown and green eggs

Collecting them each morning

Omelets for breakfast


No compost pile

Just a tin bowl for scrap food

Fruit like cantaloupe


But varmints attacked

Many nights we woke up to

Terrified squawking


My jealous brothers

Hated that I had a gun

When they never did


Then one winter day

Saw a possum in a nest

Mouth open, sharp teeth


And I remembered

Finding the livers and feet

Of chickens attacked


Ran inside the house

School girl in uniform

Looking for my gun



Wanting to shoot out the eyes

Of this animal


Confessed to my mom

Called a friend with a riffle

Smiled as he shot


(written in 2011)


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One response to “Haikus of a Chicken Owner

  1. Sharon Roznik

    That was beautiful Anna. I so enjoy your writing.
    Mrs. Neil Young

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