Jinny Limericks

Became her foster mother

Never expected to love her

But she slept on my chest

A heavy night’s rest

She’s a kitty like no other


 She climbs high and looks down on me

Grooms herself ceremoniously

For a string she will flip

Throw a ball, she’ll just sit

And my lap is her territory


I come home to her squeaky cry

She likes her cat food dry

This weird cat won’t eat meat

I can’t give her a treat

So I pet her before I pass by


She headbutts my face without warning

Licks my armpits every morning

The best way to hold her

Is over my shoulders

Life with this cat isn’t boring



Filed under poems

2 responses to “Jinny Limericks

  1. I’ve read stories of your boyfriend’s shits
    And korean men honking your tits
    But the image least pretty
    Was one of a kitty
    Who would wake you up licking your pits

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