The Airplane Game

When I went to Ireland, Claire’s parents welcomed both me, her former host in America, and Dan, who’s host family was unable to host him. Though her parents set up a separate room for him, the three of us spent most of our time hanging out in Claire’s room.

Flying to Ireland was my first overseas trip. Even though I was only 16, we were rarely carded, and so it was there that I first went to a bar. Three days into my trip, we had plans to go out partying. We pre-drank before the party. I had a Jack and coke and two Heinekens, then threw up all night. Another first.

Claire had bunk beds, and I slept on top. I first saw The Labyrinth from the top bunk, while Claire and Dan cuddled below. I was fascinated by the puppets and David Bowie’s spandex outfits, but spent half of my time cringing from the kissing sounds that came from the bed below. Eventually I wound up spending a few nights in Dan’s room to give him and Claire some privacy.

One day Dan and I were sitting on the top bunk discussing the airplane game, usually played with kids, where the child lies stomach-down on the adults feet and pretends to fly in the air. “I’ve got strong legs, I could even lift you,” I bragged to Dan.

“All right, let’s do it,” he said.

I swiveled to face him, then lay down. He knelt in front of me and I placed my feet against his stomach. We grabbed each other’s hands. I bent my legs until he was right above me, and then lifted him off the bed.

We sat this way for a moment, eyes connected. I let go of his hands and held him in the air with my powerful legs.

Dan must have gotten a twinge of nervousness, because he shifted a bit, and I did too, to compensate for his movement. He, possibly realizing that I had him hovering on a top bunk, pretty far from the ground, flinched. His knee hit me squarely in the vagina.

I gasped and kicked both legs upward. He splattered on the ceiling. His eyes bugged out, while his mouth formed a small o. His arms both swung wide. It lasted less than a second, and then I dropped him back to the foot of the bed.

I grabbed my crotch and moaned, while he rubbed his stomach, coughing.

“I’m sorry I kicked. You kneed me!” I said. And I started laughing at the memory of his shocked face.

“That really hurt my back,” he said. “Shit, look.” I followed his gaze. On the ceiling above me there were four small dots in a row. They were dark green, the same shade as Dan’s shirt.

“Is that from your spine?”

Dan nodded. I started laughing again, uncontrollably, feeling tears forming in my eyes. Dan smiled.

Claire had been in the bathroom while Dan and I executed our poorly thought-out plan. She returned to see both of us laughing. I pointed at the spine-dots on the ceiling and tried to sputter out the story. She smiled too, and climbed up the ladder to join us on the top bunk.


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