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I Went to Cambodia and all I Got was this Stupid Rash

When I decided to leave Korea and officially move back to America, I knew it would bring an emotional goodbye.  Having lived abroad before, and spent time in airports second guessing my decisions, I knew that I had to travel before I went home.  Travel is the only cure for a broken heart.

And so, I spent my last weekend laughing when I was with my friends and tearing up when I was alone, whispering ‘thank you, thank you, thank you,’ for my opportunities and blessings.  And then I flew to Cambodia.

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Anna, Giver of Sweets

I recently developed my own travel custom: giving out candy.  It is a delightful way to share and to make people smile.  Plus, everybody likes candy, old and young alike.

Giving candy to strangers is something that I can get away with in impoverished countries, but it would never fly at home in America.  Sometimes I speak before thinking, and I’ll realize how creepy I actually sound when I say, “Hey, hey kid!  Do you like candy?”  The thing is, in Asia, every child will nod and walk over to me with a hand outstretched.

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