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Of Underwear and Ripped Jeans

Kevin’s not a big fan of wearing underwear.  I realized this early on in our relationship, but having spent many years bra-less, I felt that passing judgment would be hypocritical.

However, when he moved to Korea to be with me, ending our long-distance-relationship era, his lack of underwear became a problem.  For one thing, being the minimalist that he is, he’d only brought two pairs of jeans that were full of holes and rips, and one pair of underwear.  Also, he was planning to find work teaching, and though some jobs were casual, none were casual enough for ripped jeans over an otherwise naked body.  And finally, Kevin, though lean, is also tall.  The Korean pants ran too tight and short for his frame, so he had nothing to purchase to make himself look decent. Continue reading


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